Friday, June 17, 2011

202-630-9908: Mormon front group, National Organization for Marriage, harassing hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers with robocalls to land and cell phones

NOM was organized by the Mormon officials and members to fight gay marriage in California and elsewhere. It has thumbed its nose at campaign disclosure laws in Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Florida, California, New Hampshire, and Washington State all states which have sued or investigated NOM or which NOM is suing or playing fast and loose with campaign disclosure laws because it doesn't want the public to know where it gets millions of dollars. NOM's chairman, Maggie Gallagher, has a history of unethical behavior which was covered by the Washington Post.

Here's video of Brian Brown, NOM's Catholic hood ornament, deflecting hard-nosed questions about NOM's finances in Washington, DC. Skip to 3:20 to get beyond his grandstanding.

Here are some comments AKSARBENT has received just in the last few days from New Yorkers:

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Mel said...
This is weird - I just got a robocall from this number, and I'm in Texas.
Anonymous said...
I have 1 or 2 messages on my answering machine every single day from this number. But the message is about a survey wanting to know if I am registered to vote in NY. I am on the Do Not Call registry, but I think they may fall under the exempt.
Anonymous said...
I have gotten literally 15 calls from these despicable people - once a day at least for about two weeks. No matter how I answer the survey, they keep calling. It's harassment. Please do what I'm doing and call their phone # 609-688-0450 to leave a stern message that their harassment is not o.k.
Chris said...
I found out better information - call 202-457-8060 and ask to speak to Dave Monge, with the National Organization for Marriage. I called him and very sternly told him to take me off their call list or I will be calling my local law enforcement people, because it amounts to harassment. Bloggers everywhere please post this information - and call his # to get a real person on the phone, not a full answering machine that ignores you.
Anonymous said...
I've gotten two of these phone calls within the last hour....almost one every day for the last few weeks.....really sick of it.... Toni
Chris said...
Toni - I'm serious, call 202-457-8060 during normal business hours and ask to speak to David Monge, who will most likely be the one answering the phone. Explain to him why you're annoyed. If he gets enough of these calls from real people, this abusive behavior by the National Organization for Marriage (they have harassed hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, landlines and cell phones alike, in the last few weeks in the run up to the vote on a gay marriage bill in this state) will stop.


  1. Chris is absolutely right. I called 202 457 8060 and a tired sounding man answered the telephone asking which number I wanted taken off their call list. I gave him three. No argument. I hope it works.

  2. Great advise. I just called them and got a person.
    Hope it works. Thank you!!!

  3. I just called the number and spoke to a Brian Degan and had it out with him. This needs to stop. How can we formulate something to put an end to this. Everyone is entitled to their own views but this is straight up harassment and it needs to stop immediately.

    WHAT CAN WE DO!!??

  4. I just left them a message asking to be taken off their list. I get multiple messages on my machine and many calls which I've answered and been cut off when I don't reply as they'd like me to. I wonder if they can be reported to a state or national authority for harassment or for violating do not call. I've never done business with them...Which menu option gets you to speak to a person? They now ask which of their offices a caller wants to reach. I guess national isn't the one.