Thursday, October 24, 2019

Netflix's Laundromat: 80% documentary,
100% rollicking good time

Do not rip off Meryl Streep if you know what's good for you
Once again Meryl Streep proves that it's her world, one that you and I are only allowed to cohabit by her gracious dispensation.
     Laundromat is a terrifically informative romp through the maze of Caribbean tax avoidance* that ends with a boffo double reveal by Streep who reminds you how much fun and risky it is to gasp and laugh simultaneously, as she effortlessly jerks your perceptions like a yo-yo.
     This gun hater even liked the scene in which Streep (sort of) peppered an office with the buckshot of righteous wrath from a woman whose insurance settlement has been grievously wronged.
     Along the way Antonio Banderas (as the suave rationalizing Latino crook), Gary Oldman (as the funny, rationalizing Kraut crook) and Sharon Stone as a carnivorous realtor with no loyalties, expertly try to steal the movie from Streep, as task as hopeless as trying to boost the Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian in a gift shop bag.)
     Enjoy, Netflix subscribers.
*The film reminds you that it isn't just Switzerland and the Caribbean that shelter the money of the rich: "1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington, Delaware is home to 285,000 companies."

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