Friday, July 5, 2019

NE attorney who drove 110 miles to bait Buttigieg in Iowa is offended that he 'dismissed me as a racist'

Gee, all Omaha, Ne. lawyer David Begley did was to troll Buttigieg by driving deep into Iowa to crash his Carroll, Iowa appearance and lay what he must have thought was a gotcha query on Pete:
Buttigieg is way too smart to be successfully ambushed by a 3rd-rate gadfly, so he did comment. The entire exchange is in Politico. This followed:
     Buttigieg didn’t allow a follow-up question, and Begley spent the rest of the event looking at his phone.
     Begley said he was not a member of the Carroll County Democratic Party but he came to the event because he writes for the conservative Powerline blog and there would be a "full report on this."
     Begley told reporters after the question-and-answer session said he resented Buttigieg’s response. Begley said he didn’t think his comment was racist.
      “I just urged him in order to resolve the racial controversy in South Bend, is to urge the blacks in South Bend to obey the law so they’re not going to have confrontations with the police, and he dismissed me as a racist which I resented and he knows he’s wrong,” Begley said.
Powerline, where Begley writes and posts selfies with such free thinkers as Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, is a dopey, doctrinaire, denier of global warming and a reliable mimic of hollow GOP bullet points. In his time off from being a reactionary dilettante, Begley posts to his own elder law blog where he ridicules Mr. Aretha Franklin, a dead person.
Screencap retrieved at noon, 7/5/2019. Highlighted emphasis added.