Saturday, April 27, 2019

Pete Buttigieg: I may attend forum sponsored by Iowa's #1 homophobe; Beto: Kick rocks, Vander Plaats

Bob Vander Plaats, Iowa's #1 political hustler, who herds evangelicals and delivers them (or tries to) to the highest Republican bidder (see video 2, below), has invited seven Dem candidates to his forum on faith and politics. He wants to find out "what makes them tick."
     What makes Vander Plaats tick is duplicity, greed and character assassination. Watch him trash Iowa Supreme Court Justice Dave Wiggins in the 2012 AKSARBENT video below:

     Vander Plaats mounted a scorched earth campaign to oust every judge (all 9 of them!) on Iowa's Supreme Court after their 2009 decision ruling that banning gay marriage was a violation of the equal protection provision in the state's constitution. After Vander Plaats convinced Iowans to dump three of them in rentention votes, the Iowa Bar Association had enough, and HIRED A TRUCK WITH A BULLHORN to follow Vander Plaats across the state when he tried to do the same thing to Justice Wiggins. It worked. Vander Plaats hasn't ousted any more judges.
     The Advocate reports that an aide to gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg told NPR the mayor would consider attending. Beto O'Rourke was having none of it; he basically told Vander Plaats to kick rocks.    
A spokesman for O’Rourke said the former Texas congressman would not participate. “Vander Plaats and the Family Leader have unapologetically provided a forum for dangerous anti-LGBTQ hate speech on numerous occasions,” Chris Evans said. “They are the antithesis of the unifying, inclusive, welcoming atmosphere that our campaign prides itself on in Iowa and across the country. We will not be participating in this forum.” Other campaigns would not comment on the record.
     How shameless a liar is Vander Plaats? Watch the other video AKSARBENT made about him.

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