Sunday, March 24, 2019

Don Bacon at town hall: FRC not an antigay hate group. Southern Poverty Law Center: they've been one for decades

So one of our friends went to see Ben Sasse at his town hall and discovered that it was really a Don Bacon town hall. We're surprised that, at 8:30 on a Saturday, he was able to find the venue at all.
     When he showed up with his camcorder, Bacon's Communications Director asked him who he was "with." He didn't like that, so he gave us a copy of the video he took. HE'S WITH AKSARBENT NOW, DON BACON!
Tony Perkins (right) heads the Family Research Council, an
antiLGBT hate group located in Washington, D.C. Perkins
has a sordid political history; he once purchased Klansman
David Duke’s mailing list for use in a Louisiana political
campaign he was managing. In 2001, Perkins gave a speech
to a Louisiana chapter of the Council of Conservative
Citizens, a white supremacist group
     Our attention was got when the very first constituent question Bacon fielded was about his scurrilous association with the antigay Family Research Council, which gave Bacon a small, cheap-looking trophy for good behavior in 2017. We figured Bacon's questioner must have been gay hisself to have been so incensed, but our spy found out he has a very pregnant wife, so, no.
     This must be a nightmare for poor Don. His buddy, Tony Perkins, is now so radioactive than even heteros are starting to yell at Bacon in Middle School auditoriums.
     Anyway, Don upbraided "Mark" for calling the Family Research Council (FRC) a hate group:
There's people who have Christian faith, traditional Christian faith, and those who disagree with them... You're trying to say Christians should be hated. And that is wrong... We should also be able to have the faith we also believe in and not call them hate groups, Mark.
Southern Poverty Law Center doesn't care if you call the  FRC a hate group, Mark. It has, since 2010:
"FRC was designated an anti-LGBT hate group in 2010 for decades of demonizing LGBT people and spreading harmful pseudoscience about them. Over the years, the organization has published books, reports and brochures that have linked homosexuality to pedophilia, claimed that LGBT people are dangerous to children and claimed that LGBT people are promiscuous and violent."
     If you find the SPLC's facts about the FRC disgusting, you certainly won't want to read what the HRC says about it.
     Rep. Don Bacon believes that a D.C. pressure group that has been engaging in class slander for decades is owed civiilty and should not be called what it obviously is. You can believe that if you like.


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