Friday, February 15, 2019

The outrageously funny, in-your-face ad GM is airing to sell new Sierras with amazing transformer tailgates

These commercials are as delightfully disruptive as advertising gets. Anything that can get us to root for GM is astonishing, though part of the credit probably goes to Ford's own ad agency, responsible for a recent TV avalanche of humorless, unpersuasive and, above all, obnoxious hard sell hectoring. Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey-ay. Go-od-bye!
     The ads probably cost a fortune to make and are worth every cent. Some deets from ispot:
Creative Agency: Engage M-1
Soundtrack: Steam's Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.
Actors: Anderson Davis (tailgate holder), Barrett James (guy with red tailgate), Christopher Allen (guy raising pointer finger), Elando Baltimore (grey sweater guy holding red tailgate. Voiceover: Will Arnett

Ford's dreary ad offering: salesmanship with a lead pipe

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