Saturday, February 9, 2019

Bill Maher to Howard Schultz: You're not a sage.
You're really too lazy to tell shit from Shinola

Without actually articulating Ann Landers's famous dictum, Bill Maher tells Starbucks's political dilettante Howard Shultz to wake up and smell the coffee...
New rule: Instead of saying both parties are equally to blame for the mess we're in, just admit you haven't really followed politics for the last 20 years. Now, everyone is made at Howard Schultz for thinking he can be the Barista-in-chief, but nobody is attacking his central premise, that we need an independent because both sides have become equally extreme...
Maher goes on to provide example after example of GOP fiscal irresponsibility contrasted with Democrat examples of paying down the budget and insisting on paybacks for bailouts. Maher concludes:
When you say they're both equally bad, just know that doesn't make you a sage. It's a stupid person's idea of a smart thing to say. It's a cheat that says you're above it all when you're really just too lazy to tell shit from Shinola.

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