Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Whistleblower Wylie: What does Facebook want?
To look through my dick pics?

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Cambridge Analytica whistleblower briefly lost it in an interview with Don Lemon on CNN,
saying "This is not how whistleblowers should be treated!"

Last weekend, British authorities kicked Facebook "auditors" out of Cambridge Analytica's London offices.
     Evidently, Facebook also wants to look at gay Canadian whistleblower Christopher Wylie's computer and phone, which caused him to retweet Guardian reporter Carole Cadwalladr's quote of him saying, "What do they want? To look through my dick pics?
Click on tweet to enlarge it for legibiility
     Earlier this week, in an interview with CNN's Don Lemon (link in photo caption above), Wylie briefly freaked out when Lemon asked if he would be willing to submit to an audit by investigator Robert Mueller, saying "An audit of what? My phone? It's not like I have a massive server farm!" He added: "This is not how whistleblowers should be treated!"
     Earlier in the Lemon interview Wylie said he was the only gay guy in London with a membership to a [straight] strip club, referring to Cambridge Analytica's methods of ingratiating themselves with clients and potential clients.

Above, at London's Frontline Club, Wylie gave a fascinating interview uploaded by Bloomberg's tictoc news twitter feed. Highlights:
33:00 How the Mercers perfected the art of political donation self dealing:
He [Mercer] didn't really like the Kochs cuz like the Kochs were like too influential so... he came up with this idea... if you put in money into a political consultancy... it's not a donation, it's an investment, and you don't have to report that and you go and donate to a bunch of different candidates and you earmark that funding to your firm, right? So you donate a million dollars and that million dollars comes back to a company you own... and you can recycle that money so you gain the same type of political capital, but you amplify the effect of every dollar that you're spending"

44:35 On racist whites:

They would talk about how frustrating it is that they can't be their real self... They would literally talk about how they felt victimized by feminism or by multiculturalism and it was really interesting to me because they were using narratives of the closet and that they were going into the closet and how frustrating it is to be a closet misogynist, a closet racist... You have to have an element of dispassionate empathy... For me or for a gay person the narrative of the closet is a very familiar thing, and that feeling that they have is bizarrely relatable.

47:45  When things started to get too dark for Wylie:
Sitting in a room with very right-wing evangelical Christians talking about how we can, like, win the war against, you know, the "gay agenda" and, like, little do they know that everyone in that room is of the lavender persuasion.

48:00   Wylie, on what happened to his predecessor at Cambridge Analytica:
Oh, you mean Dan. Well, he's dead... I didn't know this at the time when I first joined, but my predecessor, he was working in Kenya... for the president of Kenya and he was just, uh, found dead in his hotel room

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