Saturday, March 3, 2018

Trump Administration hires tiny Omaha firm with 1 employee to start construction of his wall

The spacious Omaha digs of SWF Constructors, aka Coastal Environmental Group
SWF Constructors, owned by Coastal Environmental Group of Edgewood New York, lists just one employee in its Omaha office, but the Trump administration gave it an $11,000,000 contract to replace two miles of a California-Mexico border fence with post-style barriers 30 feet high.
     Coastal is apparently a pretty sleazy outfit; we can't, for the life of us, imagine why Trump, who hires only the best people, would have chosen it.
     Omaha, of course, is the headquarters of one of the biggest construction companies in America, Kiewit but apparently Trump's people didn't ask it for a bid on his big, beautiful wall.
     (Maybe someone told them about the 9-ton chunk of the Doubletree hotel, built by Kiewit, which fell off the entrance facade in 1999. Nobody was hurt; the hotel wasn't that popular. Kiewit, the general contractor, blamed either a subcontractor, or the architects, or both.)
     Fun Omaha fact: Warren Buffet goes to work in the Kiewit building, where Berkshire-Hathaway's executive offices are leased. Another fun fact: the Blackstone building is just up the street and it is famous because the Reuben sandwich was invented there, when it was a hotel, despite contrary claims from certain New Yorkers, all of whom are obviously flat-out liars.
     But we digress. The best fun fact in all of this is that the "home" office of SWF or Coastal or whatever they're telling the government their name is, is at 2411 Martha Street in South O.
     If you live in Omaha, you're probably already laughing.
     If you're not, know this: You could stand on that stoop at 2411 Martha with a bucket of tennis balls as the Cinco De Mayo Parade marches north on 24th and easily bean nail anyone you pleased if you happen to be a drunk, bigoted and antisocial person who wears MAGA ballcaps.
     So to recap: Trump has hired a tiny Nebraska company with one employee and a few pieces of construction equipment in the lot next door, located in the state's biggest Hispanic enclave, to build the first part of an anti-immigrant wall in southernmost California.
     We bet the temps will be extra-motivated to do real good work on that project.

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