Thursday, March 8, 2018

Here's an online survey you, like, totally won't see from the Omaha World-Herald or Lincoln Journal Star

A dozen years ago, Bill O'Reilly discussed Brokeback Mountain on his show with a critic. His take was that while the movie may well have been very nice and artistic and all, it was indicative of a Hollywood agenda, since both Heath Ledger and Phillip Seymour Hoffman were up for Best Actor Oscars for, respectively, their roles as Ennis Del Mar and Truman Capote.
     We thought O'Reilly's take was typically idiotic because the only Hollywood agenda we can think of for nominating two actors in gay roles for an Oscar would be to start fistfights in gay bars.
     Some homosexuals would root for Ledger to win because he was hot and because it's harder for an actor to create a character out of whole cloth than to ape someone famous on TV.
     Some would favor Hoffman because they read books and because... well, you get the picture: a tableau not unlike the mis-en-scene of a 1950s Italian traffic accident where Christian Democrats pick a driver, Communists pick the other driver, and everyone yells at each other.
     Anyway, at one point, O'Reilly's critic/guest asked him if he had actually seen Brokeback Mountain, (like, because he was doing a show about it?)
     O'Reilly, who can be quite funny when he's not busy being a jerk, said no, he hadn't seen Brokeback Mountain because he was too scared.
     This is exactly why AKSARBENT has not read any of the comments in the San Francisco Examiner story surrounding the butt plug survey.

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