Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Don Lemon coolly and expertly freaks out gay Cambridge Analytica whistleblower on CNN

For about 10 minutes, Don Lemon's interview was routine, but it started to pick up when he asked Christopher Wylie if the reports of Cambridge Analytica acting as an entrapment pimp for clients were true.
     Wylie responded with a general characterization of what CA was willing to do to ingratiate itself with clients, but Lemon wanted more:
     I need you to be more specific. You said you're the only gay guy in London with a membership to a [straight] strip club. What do you mean by that? Be more explicit...
     Shortly after that, Wylie began a meltdown when Lemon (who looked at him as if he were dioxin on a stick) asked if he would be willing to submit to an audit by investigator Robert Mueller. That set Wylie off, making him sputter: "An audit of what? My phone? It's not like I have a massive server farm!"
     Wylie's brief freakout crested when he declared: "THIS IS NOT HOW WHISTLEBLOWERS SHOULD BE TREATED!"

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