Monday, February 19, 2018

The real reason Adam Rippon backed out of his NBC deal

It's pretty simple. He wanted to enjoy the rest of the games in the Athlete's Village. But the IOC says you can be an athlete at PyeongChang or you can be a reporter, but you can't be both. People accredited as media have to stay out of the Athlete's Village. And competitors staying in the Athlete's Village can't get paid by media outlets to report or comment.This is not a new rule. Below is the edict.
     Media  capacity: Only  persons  accredited  as  media  may  act  as  journalists,  reporters  or  in  any  other related media capacity while they are at the Games.
     Accredited persons who are not accredited media can give interviews to the media but  are not allowed to report on the Games in any media capacity, including by acting on behalf of any media organisation. 
There are more rules, including specific restrictions on social media postings by athletes. Go here. Or here.

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