Tuesday, December 5, 2017

After Senate vote to slash estate taxes on wealthy Americans and cut deductions to middle class, a Nebraska Senator's office is vandalized

Above: Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE) attends a GOP Senate
fundraiser at luxury Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, Forida.
Following her vote for the Senate's GOP tax reform bill, the Lincoln Haymarket office of Senator Deb Fischer (R-Nebraska) was vandalized.
     Among other things, the bill Fischer voted for will cut corporate taxes to 20% and eliminate taxes on the estates of married couples valued up to almost $22 million.
     Fischer's, and the GOP's, gift to working Americans is the elimination of tax deductions for health insurance and state and local taxes. The GOP bill also makes the $4,050 personal exemption for taxpayers, their spouses and their children disappear.
     The GOP's Senate bill is expected to balloon the U.S. deficit by nearly $1.5 trillion over 10 years and trigger deep, automatic cuts to Medicare. No Democrat voted for it.
Photo: Nebraska Radio Network
     Sometime Sunday night or Monday morning, Senator Fischer's name on a building directory at 440 N 8th St. in Lincoln's gentrified Haymarket District was spray painted, as was the U.S. Senate Seal on the building.
     On a glass door, a vulgarity was written that Sgt. Randy Clark of the Lincoln Police Department would not divulge.
     On the sidewalk outside Fischer's office was written:
  • Never trust a land thief with your well-being
  • trickle down is a LIE
  • #resist, and
  • Tax Reform? Class War
     Fischer's office said local authorities and the U.S. Capitol Police are investigating.
     The reference to Senator Fischer as a land thief refers to her attempt, with her husband, to take possession of a valuable part of a neighbor's ranch through a legal maneuver called "adverse possession," which was a campaign issue when she was first elected to the Senate in 2012.

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