Thursday, December 11, 2014

Is Nebraska's most anti-LGBT group hiding its biggest donors?

The Nebraska Family Association (now called the Nebraska Family Alliance), gathered thousands of signatures to put a stop to the Lincoln City Council's addition of LGBTs to the list of classes (including Christians) protected from discrimination in employment, accommodations and housing in Nebraska's Capitol.
     Then it torpedoed a similar effort in the state legislature.
     In between, it went to war against accommodations for transgender school athletes.
     Right now, the NFA is demonizing an effort by the Lincoln Public Schools to codify an inclusive approach to dealing with the problems its transgender students often have in middle school.
Nebraska Family Association is touting $70,000 worth of
matching donations on the same page of its web site in
which it brags about targeting Lincoln Public Schools for
attempting to create schools inclusive of transgender kids.
     Painting a bulls eye on LGBT Nebraskans obviously brings home the bacon for the NFA; right now it is soliciting donations with a hook baited with the news that two unnamed donors have agreed to match up to $70,000 in new contributions.
     Said announcement is paired with an anti-LGBT attack on the Lincoln Public School system.
     This made AKSARBENT wonder how many well-heeled people are fueling NFA's jihad against LGBTs in Nebraska, so we looked up the organization's Form 990, required of tax-exempt organizations like the NFA.
     Interestingly, NFA's administrative expenses are about 55% — ten times that of nonprofits like Save The Children.
     Unlike more transparent, tax-exempt groups, the Nebraska Family Alliance doesn't make its Form 990 available on its website. (However, by law it must provide the document to people who show up in person during business hours and ask for it.)
     Although the NFA won't make its current (or any other) Form 990 available on line, AKSARBENT found two organizations which have published NFA's latest 990 — one is here.
     Interestingly, both copies omit Schedule B, the list of large contributors that NFA itself indicated was required in its Form 990 filing:

(Page three of the Nebraska Family Alliance's 2013 Form 990 is filled out in a manner that seems to indicate that the organization is required to complete Schedule B, Schedule of Contributors)

Yet the PDF of the Nebraska Family Alliance's 2013 Form 990, retrieved by AKSARBENT from two different sources, does not include a Schedule B listing of large donations; the document skips from Schedule A to Schedule D, as seen below.

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