Monday, April 7, 2014

Nebraska Family Alliance, Glad Tidings Church, going all out to kill LGBT employment antibias bill, LB485

Glad Tidings Church, Omaha
The number one priority of the so-called Nebraska Family Alliance is to make sure that employed heads of LGBT families have no recourse if arbitrarily fired by Nebraska employers. Here's what they're telling their followers in an "action alert."
     Compliant churches in the NFA network are giving marching orders to their congregants.
     This is what one, Glad Tidings Church in Omaha, sent out in a recent email:
     We need to stop the progression of this bill in the State Legislature now. Please make a concerted effort as soon as possible, today or no later than Thursday to contact your State Senator. You can use the following link to the Nebraska Family Alliance website to get the name and contact number of your State representative...
     Thank you and God bless you in your efforts to protect the people of Nebraska.
Heterosexual supremacist Sen. Lydia Brasch,
who deadpanned that she doesn't judge those
gay "individuals" she claims are her friends.
One wonders what her unnamed gay "friends"
will think about her commitment to deny
them same kind of employment protection
that Christians enjoy as a protected class
by opposing LB485.
     By making sure LGBTs have no employment protection because they're not people of Nebraska? Has straight-up hate-mongering ever been plainer?
     In case you've forgotten, here are links to the untruthful testimony of Nebraska Family Alliance's Hannah Buell to the Lincoln City Council and to the NFA's Dave Bydalek trying to con Sen. Brad Ashford into buying the conclusions of the discredited Regnerus Study.
     You can lobby your state senator too. Go here to find out who he or she is if you don't know. Or here to find her/his phone number if you do.
     The vote is today so call today peferably before 10 am Central Time. There will be an NET live feed of debate starting at 10 am Central Time here.

       The Nebraska Family Alliance is cynically creating a victim mythology for homophobes by linking to a dubious litany of accusations by the ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom, which used to be known as the Alliance Defense Fund) of exaggerated or irrelevant examples of problems LB485 supposedly will create, even though Omaha's similar, but even more comprehensive law has resulted, after two years, in zero lawsuits and three pending complaints.
Lisa Biron, member of ADF
Honor Corps Society, now
convicted of eight counts
related to child pornography
     In 2013, Lisa Biron, one of ADF's "honor corps society" attorneys, was convicted of eight counts relating to the manufacture of child pornography starring her daughter.
     JoeMyGod reported that the ADF later scrubbed its Facebook page of mentions of Biron and banned anybody who mentioned her name.
    ADF has almost no shame. Below is a particularly nasty and baseless attack it launched against the ACLU's Don't Filter Me campaign, which has sued school districts who deny gay students access to nonporn gay websites like the Trevor Project or the It Gets Better project while unconstitutionally allowing access to antigay websites such as those purporting to be able to cure homosexuality, even though subjecting minors to such "therapy" is now illegal in several states.

False, gutter-level attack on the ACLU by Nebraska Family Alliance ally
and web page resource, ADF.
Read the truth here.
     Wonder if Glad Tidings Church is telling its members about the dishonesty of the organizations linked to or led to in its emails?

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