Friday, July 5, 2013

Dominican Cardinal who called U.S. ambassador nominee a faggot is facing (or evading) priest pedophile scandal in own archdiocese

Related: Blabbeando has covered this story like a blanket. Go here for more details. AKSARBENT did a followup post here, quoting extensively from Blabbeando after we realized how thoroughly that blog had already reported this. Also: Dominicans in NYC react to Cardinal's insult and Shifting Catholic opinion in Dominican Republic
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Dominican Today says the Santiago Office of the Prosecutor announced Wednesday that it's waiting for Immigration to specify whether a Polish Catholic priest, Wojciech ("Alberto") Gil, accused of pedophilia by several families, has left the Dominican Republic under another identity.
     Investigators have determined that two minors from Juncalito have left the country, perhaps with Gil.
     Faced with a widening scandal, the Santiago Archdiocese, headed by Catholic Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, announced Gil's "suspension" effective May 30, reported Dominican Today on July 3.
     AKSARBENT wonders aloud:
Left: Cardinal "Nicky," out of RCC drag
Gosh, Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez! Got any ideas about how, as public outrage mushroomed, your priest could have left the country so stealthily, perhaps under an assumed name and maybe even with two embarrassingly talkative minors? Have you thought about asking around — maybe one of your other padres knows something! Maybe you do, but it slipped your mind... We're guessing that the civil authorities would be all ears should you decide to favor them with your distinguished input. Don't be shy, now; we know you can run your ecclesiastical mouth when you want to!
Below: Santo Domingo's plucky little 2013 Gay Day Parade, which seems to have been granted only two traffic lanes. AKSARBENT doubts any of the participants would object to a gay ambassador from the USA.

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