Thursday, February 9, 2012

Draft-dodger Steve King AWOL at CPAC while rest of Iowa's congressional delegation fought to save IA National Guard F-16 unit jobs

Below: After whining about how Nancy Pelosi forced him to use energy-saving light bulbs, King, who dodged the Vietnam draft for years, declared that "combat veterans deserve our special honor" and implied that women and minorities don't. While King played hooky from the House, grandstanding at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the rest of Iowa's congressional delegation was on the job fighting to protect Iowa's National Guard.

Below: King's evidence-free smear of Iowa gays.

Click on the "Steve King" label at the bottom of this post to see how Steve King has voted to expand surveillance of your internet browsing, has endorsed a Wall Street group lobbying to kill farm subsidies, has voted to eliminate Medicare, has voted to subsidize hate-mongering religious schools at taxpayer expense, has voted to defund NPR, and has called restoration of funds denied otherwise qualified black farmers "slavery reparations." Click here to see a great example of why the Des Moines Register has called King "an embarrassment to the state of Iowa."

Compare and contrast: Rep. King is running against former Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack. Iowa has never elected a woman governor, US Senator or US Representative.
Iowans need problem solvers representing us, not just partisan fighters...We need leaders willing to lower their voices and start lifting their sights.

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