Sunday, November 13, 2016

SNL burns VP Mike Pence as a suspected closet case

Last night Kate McKinnon appeared again as Notorious Supreme Court Justice RBG on SNL's Weekend Update and ripped Mike Pence even more viciously than Rachel Maddow did the other night when she reminded viewers of Pence's long record of Hoosier homophobia.
Colin: There are some people, like Michael Moore, too, who say that Trump might get impeached before his 4 years are even over.
McKinnon, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg:
Oh great, and then we'll get Pence. Then gay people can't get a pizza guy... To me [Pence] kinda looks like the neighbor who kisses Kevin Spacey in American Beauty... And Mike Pence: Sorry you looked at Magnum PI once and got a quarter-chub and you've been haunted by it ever since. And that's a Gay Ginsburg.

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