Thursday, October 6, 2016

Who would a self-driving car sacrifice? Its 70-year-old passenger, or a kid on the sidewalk?

So you're in a self-driving car on a busy two-lane highway, and an oncoming car swerves into your lane.
     The car knows from your credit card (and cross-linked databases) that you are 70. An average 70-year-old male has eight years of life left.
     Will the car swerve right, into the back of a parked semi, avoiding a head-on with the errant vehicle and oncoming cars but decapitating you, or will it save your life by swerving into the path of a kid on the sidewalk next to the truck, a kid who has 70 years left?
     MIT is collecting crowdsourced moral decisions about what self-driving cars should do when the worst happens.

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