Tuesday, October 11, 2016

CBS: Real jocks rip Giuliani, Trump alibis about
'locker room talk'

Across the country, athletes and coaches from professional sports leagues had similar reactions.
     “There’s players in our locker room with sisters, wives, and daughters. There’s not that type of talk in anyone’s locker room,” Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said.
     “I’ll have my son in here. CP has his son in here. Guys have their kids in here. This is probably more of a family environment than any locker room,” Clippers’ Blake Griffin said.
     “There’s no excuse to talk that way about women, to women, to other people,” Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate said.
     “To say that locker room culture is somehow this defense for what Trump is saying is really denigrating all professional athletes,” former Minnesota Vikings player Chris Kluwe said.
     Kluwe was with the Vikings for eight seasons. He said that some locker room talk could be seen as disrespectful, but that it never reached the level of Trump’s comments.

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