Saturday, September 3, 2016

No, it wasn't your hangover. An earthquake hit Omaha this morning

Pawnee, Okalahoma
AKSARBENT wondered why its couch jostled this morning shortly after 7, but we blamed a rumbling semi.
     It wasn't a semi, it was an magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Pawnee, Oklahoma, felt as far north as North Dakota.
     We were disappointed to have slept through a minor earthquake in San Francisco years ago, so we're glad we were awake for this one.

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  1. Had a similar experience a number of years ago in Chicago, but it was mid-afternoon. "Hmm" I said, "big truck going by." Then I remembered we lived on a dead-end street: no trucks going by.

    Turned out it was a quake centered in southern Indiana.