Monday, August 8, 2016

Partisan 'patriotism' on parade in Rep. Steve King's district

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Elsewhere in AKSARBENT: Antigay State Sen. Bill Kinter asked blackmailer "Why don't you like young guys?"  just before she got him to take off his pants on a webcam.

If you ever wondered how reactionary xenophobe Rep. Steve King keeps getting reelected in Iowa, here's your answer, in the form of a fire department parade in Arcadia, Iowa repurposed for right-wing political partisanship and costumed in patriotism drag.
     The photo depicts one Adam Corky as a sort of transgender Hillary Clinton, caged and beckoning small children to hurl water balloons — 400 were handed out, crafted for small hands.
     AKSARBENT wouldn't make too much of a fuss if Hillary were convicted of something as long as she was put into a cell next to Chelsea (Manning, whose Wikileaks disclosures revealed that Hillary, as Secretary of State, was secretly helping TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline efforts.)
     However, our sense of justice is offended at the glaring absence of a similar float of Donald Trump in a cage for defrauding the greedy fools who thought Trump University was their ticket to real estate Easy Street. (We do acknowledge the possibility that a Trump float was skipped because of the obvious possibility that any correctly made up Donald impersonator would simply disappear in an orange jumpsuit.)
     Memo to the I'm With Her crowd: one of the guys who built the float is a registered Democrat. This might be worrisome to y'all.
     Feedback to the Daily Times Herald, which noticed this, is split between the See-What-Ignorant-Pig-Farmers-Do faction and the Hillary-Will-Wreck-The-Republic-So-Vote-Trump opposition. We're guessing that most of the former is from out of town, although one local Republican was appalled at the float, bless her heart.
     Incidentally, AKSARBENT apologizes to small pig farmers who humanely raise their livestock and who weren't behind Iowa's deplorable Ag Gag law, aimed at silencing factory farm animal cruelty whistleblowers. Thanks so much for that, Mike Gronstad et al.
     Disclaimer: the Carroll Co. GOP says it had NOTHING to do with this off-the-chain zealotry, aside from gleefully posting pictures of it afterward, on its Facebook.

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