Thursday, August 18, 2016

Here's a photo of the expansive, expensive and now flooded home of hate group leader who says hurricanes are god's wrath against LGBTs

Tony Perkins makes a very good living trashing LGBTs and probably has great insurance, so this shouldn't set him back much — after all he can use it to raise more money.
     Besides only "a few" of his cars were damaged.
     The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies Tony Perkins' organization, the so-called Family Research Council, as a hate group not because (as the FRC falsely asserts) it believes that homosexuality is an immoral choice, but because it publishes junk statistics and studies demonizing LGBTs as a group.
     How unrepentantly nasty could the FRC be to LGBTs, you might ask, to deserve such a label from the SPLC?
     Consider this: the FRC still touts the anti-gay parenting Regnerus Study on its website, even after a member of the editorial board of the very journal that published it, Social Science Research, audited the study after the uproar it caused, and called it "bullshit."

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