Friday, July 1, 2016

The U.S. Air Force needs a cello and only a $75,000, 1787 Joannes Gagliano will do

Wonder what former Air Force General Don Bacon, the Republican challenging Brad Ashford in Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District,  has to say about this new example of Air Force pork, especially since his web site says the following (click to enlarge):

Time Magazine noted that the Defense Department posted a solicitation for a cello on Tuesday, saying it would be conducting an “online competitive reverse auction” to ensure taxpayers get the best price...
     But while that works fine for boots and bullets—made by multiple companies seeking government contracts—it doesn’t work so well when the military demands one specific item owned by one specific entity. “Brand Name Only (Exact Match),” the announcement says. “There are no substitutes available.”
     Here's the solicitation, full of echo-chamber DoD boilerplate, written by a crank Pentagon paper pusher who surely never dreamed his/her laughably pedestrian me-want might be seen by an audience beyond delusional, group-think, suck-up, money-burning Air Force functionaries:
     This cello is a fine example of professional quality instrument that meets the demands of The U.S. Air Force Band…Each note starts quickly and clearly without any initial noise at all (not even an icy harshness) with almost an initial pop. After playing over 50 similar instruments, this is the only one that meets the rigorous demands required by the U.S.A.F. Band…
     The 1787 Joannes Gagliano Cello brand name embodies a superior family of hand-crafted workmanship representing a spectrum of ideal functionality and flexibility…these exceedingly high standards are uniquely in accordance with the performance mission of The USAF Band and render any other instrument options unsatisfactory…
     This world-class instrument is an ideal choice for members of The USAF Band and the demanding standards required for our daily mission preparation and execution. After consulting countless other recognized industry standard models and relying on multiple perspectives from numerous professionals, it has been determined that only this can meet the exacting standards and professional requirements of The USAF Band.

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