Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lincoln Journal-Star: State Sen. Kintner may have chatted nude online with a blackmailing stranger

Nebraskans who have long suspected that the loose cannon Tea Party state senator from Papillion isn't the sharpest tool in the Unicameral sausage factory won't have their suspicions assuaged by the newest revelations about his behavior from the Lincoln Journal-Star:
     ...A source familiar with the case told the Journal Star that Kintner himself told investigators about the video exchange when he reported computer problems to the Nebraska State Patrol in July 2015.
    ...Soon after, on Aug. 4, a junior state senator began receiving Facebook messages from an account with a woman's picture, using "broken English" and offering to sell something she said would damage Kintner politically.
     "I just ignored it because I thought it was spam," the  lawmaker said Saturday.
     The person repeated the offer to the junior senator on Aug. 25, this time exchanging several messages and offering to share "a video ... a nakked for Senator Bill Klntner."
     The person claimed to have demanded Kintner himself give money to a deaf child in exchange for keeping quiet about the alleged video, but that Kintner had declined, according to the junior senator.

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