Saturday, July 30, 2016

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck founder: 'We've really, really abused soft serve'

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck partners Douglas Quint (r)
and Bryan Petroff
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck founder Douglas Quint, whose initials couldn't be more appropriate, talked to foodie David Leite this week for The Splendid Table about how he got into the business and how he decided on his business's name. The accompanying web site story attracted an unusually tenacious antigay comment troll.
     The business now has several NYC store fronts and one in Philadelphia. From the company's web site:

     In June 2012, Dessert Professional featured Big Gay Ice Cream in their 10 best ice cream parlors in the U.S. issue. Then in May 2013, The Daily Beast and USA Today ranked Big Gay Ice Cream as the #5 best ice cream parlor in the world - the highest ranked U.S. ice cream parlor on the list.
     Big Gay Ice Cream changed the game of soft-serve in March 2013 when they replaced their original ice cream and launched an all new proprietary ice cream developed in collaboration with Ronnybrook Farm Dairy. Their new soft-serve has been called “awesome” by the press and places Big Gay Ice Cream as one of “New York’s ice cream powerhouses--not only for what they do with ice cream, but for the ice cream itself.”

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