Thursday, June 11, 2015

Usual antigay suspects buy print ads vowing to disobey any Supreme Court ruling for marriage equality

2015 USA Today rate card
JoeMyGod found this in the WashingY­ton Post. We saw it in a USA Today distributed here in Omaha.
     If the ultimatum is running nationally rather than in a regional edition, then the hate groups and their affiliated reverends have just made Gannett $125,600 richer.
     Among the signatories: Iowa ex-WHO radio homophobe, Steve Deace, American Family Association's Donald Wildman, Billy Graham's heir, Franklin, San Antonio Baptist antigay divorcĂ© and ideological honey badger John Hagee, David Benham of NC, and our favorite, ex-exterminator, ex-U.S. House Majority Leader and ex-Baylor University student (before being expelled for drunkenness and vandalism), Tom "Hot Tub" Delay, indicted in Austin TX on criminal charges of conspiracy to violate election law in 2002.
If you click on the ad it will enlarge just about enough to read. Otherwise, go here.

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