Sunday, June 21, 2015

State senator's leg broken in bizarre attack in restaurant bathroom

We've no idea what to make of this weird story and the very odd way it was reported.
     KETV used the phrase "claimed he was assaulted" in its YouTube headline.
     A police spokeswoman said she couldn't "really think of anything that would lead up to this [attack]."
     The restaurant, Blatt Beer & Table, owned by the Flagship Restaurant Group, strongly insinuated that Senator Harr was lying about the circumstances which led to a hospitalization and two broken bones in his left leg.
     Blatt Beer & Table is across the street from the south facade of TD Ameritrade Park in downtown Omaha, where the College World Series is played. "Blatt" refers to Rosenblatt Stadium, the Omaha CWS venue for decades preceding the construction of TD Ameritrade Park.
     Sen. Harr, a Democrat, is progressive and votes to support women's and LGBT rights legislation.

Below: AKSARBENT video taken from TD Ameritrade Park six days before the incident, of the rooftop patio at Blatt, where Sen. Harr was hanging out. Harr said he was by himself and hadn't had any problems with any fellow customers.

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