Friday, June 5, 2015

How GoPro says "Screw You" to the environment: a battery package nearly 30x bigger than the product

We don't know how many millions of batteries GoPro sells or whether it has changed its packaging (we hope so) since a friend bought, some time ago, the obscenely over­packaged battery shown here.
     We were appalled.
     Seeking to quantify our disgust, we hauled out a measuring tape (all measure­ments approximate; depth of product and packaging ignored) and discovered this: the company used 54 square inches of packaging to encase a product that is less than 2 square inches.
     If shoplifting is the excuse, then keep the stuff in a glass case — batteries aren't selected by fondling them.
     Geez. "Be A Hero" my ass.

Plastic: 6x6.25 (37.5 sq. inches)
Cardboard: 6x2.75 (16.5 sq. inches)
Battery: 1.25x1.5 (1.875 sq. inches)

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