Friday, June 26, 2015

Catholic Bishops: Gay Marriage still doesn't exist in Nebraska

The Archbishops of Omaha (George Lucas), Lincoln (James Conley), and Grand Island (Joseph Hanefeldt) spoketh thusly:
     The Catholic bishops of Nebraska remind all people of good will that marriage is the sacred union of one man and one woman. Marriage, as ordained by God, is the cornerstone of every human family, an ancient tradition in every culture. No one can change that reality. The truth about marriage is written into the complementarity of men and women in the context of the family. We encourage all believers to be witnesses to the goodness and beauty of marriage as God has revealed it, and by their example to foster peace, love, mercy and joy as a witness to that truth.
     The Catholic hierarchy in Nebraska worked tirelessly in NE to kill a gay rights ordinance in Lincoln, deny gay clients service and even referrals to mental health professionals (and then lied about it) and to torpedo a statewide LGBT anti-bias job bill by flooding the legislature with identically-worded emails.
     The RCC didn't work nearly as hard against the death penalty.

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