Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shameless Gov. Ricketts now using Tecumseh prison mismanagement to defend death penalty

"Think about trying to protect our folks in our protections facilities. You know, we just had the disturbance in Tecumseh. Those people are hardened criminals. They got there because they made poor decisions. Poor choices. And we want to be able to protect our protections officials."

     That's what Ricketts actually said to Mik'l Severe on The Bottom Line.
If the governor is really worried about folks guarding prisons, why hasn't he addressed chronic understaffing at Tecumseh, the grievances brought by inmates and the raft of further resignations of the prison's staff immediately following the recent riot there.
     We're supposed to believe that the corrections mismanagement of the Heineman and now, Ricketts administration are the fault of inmates? And that the death penalty will do what Heineman and Ricketts didn't and won't?

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