Thursday, May 7, 2015

Omaha's most popular morning radio show mocks antigay suit by 'crazy bitch' Sylvia Ann Driskell

Z92's Todd 'n Tyler radio show is syndicated to stations in Kansas, Ohio, Arizona and Wisconsin. The show's hetero hosts have given themselves permission to say "fag" a lot on the air because their agent is gay and therefore they feel entitled to use anti-gay epithets — in an affectionate, sympathetic way of course.
     Listen here, starting at the 1:20 mark.
     The idiotic lawsuit against "homosexuals" filed by Sylvia Driskell, of Auburn, Nebraska, is all over the gay Internet, seeming taken much more seriously than here in her own state. Meanwhile, more significant gay Nebraska news has received virtually no attention — that the state's top speech teacher (four consecutive state titles), whose contract wasn't renewed by Omaha's Catholic Skutt high school after he told school officials he was marrying his boyfriend, has quickly been hired by public Millard North High, also in Omaha.
     About 96,000 people have signed one petition (of two) asking Omaha's Catholic hierarchy to change its behavior; students at Skutt are giving the school a hard time.

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