Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nikon very proud of its new "monocoque" camera

Above: screen shot composite from
two Nikon D750 promotional videos.
The Nikon D750 is Popular Photography's Camera of the Year for 2014, flare issues notwithstanding.
     Its body is a hybrid of magnesium alloy (top and back) and carbon fiber (rest of the camera), but it's OK with Nikon if you just call it "monocoque" because that's what they call it.
     Camera seller Digital Rev's snarky, irreverent reviewer, Kai W., noted that relative to the D810 and D610, the D750 is "kind of like a weird hybrid." (Referring to the camera's autofocus system, not the body).
     To illustrate this not-hard-to-grasp concept to Digital Rev's 500,000 subscribers, Kai had a buddy/model wear a skirt, er "hipster dress," commenting, "You're not quite there. You haven't gone, like, full lady-like... one ass cheek's lady, one ass cheek's dude."
     After those comments, we're guessing Digital Rev isn't being swamped with D750 orders from transgender photographers — even after assurances that cameras sold as new by the company are no longer repackaged after having been used for promotional shoots done on a really hot day:
     "Then I found other photos DigitalRev had taken with my camera, before it dawned on me that the images were actually from product reviews by DigitalRev TV."
     "When I watched the reviews, I saw that my camera was being used as part of their production equipment." To make matters even worse, the presenter handling the camera was featured complaining about being “particularly sweaty and odorous” that day and even wiped himself down with a feminine hygiene product.
     He also put his hands down his pants before using the camera again."

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