Saturday, May 23, 2015

National Organization for Marriage's three biggest lies about Irish marriage equality referendum

Said Brian Brown, NOM's head:
...We are disappointed but not surprised with the apparent passage of a referendum in Ireland providing for the redefinition of marriage in that country. This is a reflection on the increasingly secularized nature of Ireland, together with the utter abandonment of principle by every political party in the nation, all of whom endorsed the referendum. This, combined with intense harassment of any group or individual who spoke out in opposition to the referendum, made it difficult for opponents. Despite this, millions of Irish citizens stood to vote to uphold the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

  • Lie one: Marriage was redefined. Nonsense; it is not defined in the Irish constitution and the amendment approved in the referendum doesn't define marriage either.
  • Lie two: Any group or individual who spoke against the amendment was "intensely" harassed. A transparent whopper which can't be possibly be defended.
  • Lie three: Millions of Irish citizens voted to "uphold" marriage as the union of one man and one woman. In fact, fewer than 750,000 voted against marriage equality.
One more thing: If NOM's increasingly clueless chief con artist wants people to believe that the "increasingly secularized nature of Ireland" and the "utter abandonment of principle," are due to the LGBT rights movement, instead of the slow-motion train wreck of child abuse and adoption profiteering revelations involving his church over the last few decades in Ireland, maybe he should figure out a way to stop people from reading newspapers or watching documentaries and movies like Philomena.

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