Thursday, May 28, 2015

GOP Gov. Ricketts' execution drug con falls apart: FDA says he won't get the death penalty drugs you paid for

Gov. Ricketts' game of execution brinkmanship failed today. Following last week's 32-vote approval of a death penalty repeal, he promised a veto and strong-armed GOP senators in the Unicameral to get his way.
     One of the ploys, aside from lowballing or ignoring the cost of death sentence appeals in dozens of interviews, was to assure senators that he had solved the state's illegal execution drug problem by purchasing, with your taxes, over $50,000 worth of Kevorkian juice from India.
     But the FDA has something to say about that: Ricketts isn't going to get his poison anytime soon.
     Ricketts did manage to pick up a vote from Tyson Larson, who abstained in the LB283 vote last week but said that after today's vote to sustain the Gov.'s veto, he is ready to wash his hands of the whole death penalty business.,
     In the end Ricketts only flipped two senators: Jerry Johnson and John Murante, who, finger to the wind, actually blamed his opportunistic, too-clever-by-half flip-flop on the voters in his district lobbying him first one way, then the other. What's a spineless politician supposed to do in the face of that, huh? Larson notwithstanding, flipping two senators wasn't enough as it still left 30, just enough to override Ricketts' veto.

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