Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Even George Will, no friend of LGBT civil rights, finds Mike Huckabee's marriage stance 'appalling'

Public contempt for Huckabee, whom more demonstrators heckled in Cedar Rapids Monday than heard speak, is now plainly evident in Iowa, which legalized gay marriage six years ago. From George Will in the Washington Post:
     ...And if “someone” — who? President Huckabee? — decides that the court is wrong? In 1957, Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus decided the federal courts were wrong about integrating Little Rock Central High School, an idea President Dwight Eisenhower countered with the 101st Airborne. David A. Graham of the Atlantic notes that, if the Supreme Court rules against a clause of a state’s law defining marriage as a commitment between a man and a woman, this does not invalidate the rest of a state’s marriage laws, so the state’s legislature need not act. Unless, that is, it wishes to reassert the pre-Civil War doctrine of “nullification” — the right of states to disregard laws they deem unconstitutional.

     For many voters, a party is largely defined by the behavior of its presidential aspirants. For Republicans worried about broadening their party’s appeal, there is one word for Huckabee’s stances: Appalling.

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