Monday, March 23, 2015

Ted Cruz launches presidential run at university whose dean has published screeds by death-to-homosexuals activists three times

Ted Cruz announced his bid for the presidency of the U.S. at a mandatory-attendance assembly at Virginia's Liberty University, founded by sexist, antigay and dead "apartheid-supporting bigot" Jerry Falwell. The institution has few women leaders  
     Via JoeMyGod (link added by AKSARBENT):
For the third time in four months, Christian leader Matt Barber has published  a guest column from an advocate of the death penalty for homosexuality. 
     In 2010, Liberty University got almost half a billion dollars in federal financial aid ($25,000,000 more than the government gave to NPR.) according to Alex Parene at Salon.
     The massive sum was thanks to the growth of Liberty's online program, which enrolled 52,000 students last year. The school is the largest recipient of Pell grant money in the state of Virginia.

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