Monday, March 30, 2015

Raw video: Top Indiana GOP lawmakers desperately backpedal over state's new right-to-discriminate law

The best part was at 20:05 (not 10:05 as AKSARBENT erroneously tweeted) when a reporter asked if the presser hastily called by Indiana's two top GOP statehouse lawmakers was because of Gov. Mike Pence's performance on Sunday's This Week (in which he refused EIGHT TIMES to answer yes/no questions from moderator George Stephanopoulos.)
     The answer, from Indiana's GOP House Speaker Brian Bosma: "...Yes"

From CNN's Jeremy Diamond:
     ...But Indiana's top GOP lawmakers also stuck to the line that the law, in its current form, could not be used to discriminate against LGBT individuals and that any other understanding was a result of "mischaracterization" and "misperception. They also insisted the law had been "misconstrued" and "misrepresented," wagging their fingers at the media and groups opposed to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, dubbed RFRA.
     The state's Democratic legislators said Monday Republicans' proposed "fix" would not be enough to blunt the damage the law has done to the state's image around the country.
     "If Republicans want a fix, there's only one choice. And that is to repeal this law," Sen. Tim Lanane, the state senate's minority floor leader, said as he waived around papers he said would repeal the law and expand Indiana's civil rights act to protect "all Hoosiers."
Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo ripped apart the lie by Peter Spriggs of the Family Research Council, that Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act is "exactly" like the federal RFRA. It is not.

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