Thursday, March 12, 2015

Politico: Peoria, IL Rep. Aaron Schock disguised plane trip cost as software purchase

Left: Keith Siilats
Politico reports that Rep. Schock's reported $3,425 purchase of software from Bytelogics was really part of a $13,000 payment for air travel to Illinois for official events and to a Chicago Bears football game on a plane belonging to Keith Siilats, the chief technology officer of Bytelogics.
     “This is for a flight,” Siilats said in a brief interview Monday. Asked if he has ever sold Schock software, Siilats said, “No, I never sold him software.”
     Under federal law, “knowing and willful” violations of election statutes — including reporting violations — can result in criminal charges. That could include failing to report an expense or disbursement properly, or repeated violations of regulations covering such actions.
     ...Schock reimbursed the government roughly $10,000 for that flight. The additional $3,425, which Schock labeled as a software purchase, came out of the Schock Victory Fund, a joint fundraising account.

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