Saturday, March 28, 2015

IA antigay activist Bob Vander Plaats, anti-gay marriage group under investigation by feds

From the Sunlight Foundation:
     The Federal Election Commission is asking former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Iowa evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats and an anti-gay marriage organization to tell the agency why it should not investigate an allegation that they violated campaign finance limits during the last election.
      The complaint, brought by Fred Karger, a gay rights activist who ran a quixotic campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, accuses Santorum of coordinating with the National Organization for Marriage to pay $1 million to Vander Plaats to endorse him, with the money eventually going for ads backing Santorum. That would be a violation of campaign finance law.
     Below: Vander Plaats and NOM (National Organization for Marriage) in an unsuccessful smear campaign to unseat Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins.

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