Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton destroyed 31,830 emails: more than half her email traffic while Sec'y of State; her complete statement

No other news outlet we've seen has put it quite as succinctly:
     Clinton turned over 30,490 e-mails to the State Department last fall at the department's request, just under half of the 62,320 total e-mails she sent or received as Secretary of State. Clinton's office said in information supplied after her news conference. More than 27,500 involved official government e-mail addresses. To identify which e-mails were work related, her office searched not only for .gov addresses, for names of government officials and Clinton's staff, but also for terms including "Benghazi" and "Libya.''
     The remaining 31,830 e-mails were deemed personal and deleted.
     Although the Clinton email scandal is on the same level as Jeb Bush's and far less disgusting than Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's hot email mess, we can't keep from wondering if "Keystone XL" was one of Hillary's search terms in determining which emails to turn over and which to obliterate. Just saying.

   Hillary Clinton emails Q&A by Alex Seitz-Wald

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