Saturday, February 14, 2015

Video: hundreds in Topeka protest Gov. Brownback's cancellation of exec. order of LGBT job bias protection

Blistering editorial here
It seems that Gov. Brownback's fealty to Kansas' #1 GOP puppetmasters, the Koch Brothers, has made him the new Scott Walker. The mad-as-hell demonstrators who showed up on Valentine's Day weren't just LGBTs. Plenty were straight Kansans angry at Brownback's other policies. Said Planting Peace's Davis Hammet: "There's gonna be people out here every week. I mean, I already know next week there's children that are gonna come and occupy the Capitol, that's how bad things are getting."
     The governor whose executive order Brownback just rescinded isn't happy about it either. From the Kansas City Business Journal:
     Former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius decried her successor's rescinding of employment protection for lesbian, gay and transgender state employees, calling it "distressing," the Lawrence Journal-World reports.
     Speaking Thursday evening at the Dole Institute in Lawrence, Sebelius said she had "no idea what problem he was trying to solve" in striking down an order she signed in 2007.
     From the Topeka Capitol-Journal:
     To Tom Witt, executive director of Equality Kansas, removing the protection not only threatens some employees’ livelihoods, but insults them and their work for the state.
     “(Brownback) told every one of them that is L, G, B or T, ‘I don’t value you,’” he said.
     Witt urged the crowd to continue protesting and to support HB 2323, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s anti-discrimination laws. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. John Carmichael, D-Wichita, spoke during the rally about how Kansas and the United States have expanded equality over time to women, racial minorities, immigrants and people with disabilities.

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