Friday, February 6, 2015

That classy Amber Parker dropped by the LGBT antibias hearings to talk about bestiality and NAMBLA!

The relentless Amber Parker put in three appearances at Wednesday's LB647, LB648 and LB568 hearings on laws which would extend legal protection to LGBTs, where she brought up NAMBLA and bestiality at the 9:42 mark in the video here.
     Parker is the author of an anti-gay children's book, apparently inspired by her observance of boy-girl bestiality at the zoo. (Please don't tell Amber about the 1600 animal species observed to engage in homosexual behavior or the fact that male domesticated big-horned sheep are twice as likely to be gay as human males or the various zoos which publicize same-sex penguin couples, especially the one in China that held a PR "wedding" for two male penguins, already suitably dressed for the occasion.)
     Here is what thinks of Parker's book:

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