Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Here's 'The Great' Bill O'Reilly on Fox and Friends telling a stone cold lie — busted by a phone call recording of O'Reilly himself

At the time he supposedly knocked on a Florida door, only to hear a CIA informant inside blow his brains out, O'Reilly was actually 1200 miles away, in Dallas. There are actual recordings of O'Reilly telling Gaeton Fonzi, a congressional investigator, that he planned to fly to Florida to report on the suicide:
     “Gaeton,” the caller says. “Bill O’Reilly.” Fonzi shares some details of the story, and O’Reilly tells him his travel plans. “I’m coming down there tomorrow,” he says. “I’m coming to Florida.”
     Fonzi tells him to get in contact when he arrives.
     “I’m going to take a night flight if I can,” O’Reilly says, “but I may have to go tomorrow morning.”
      O’Reilly’s utterances prove that he was not knocking on George Mohrenschildt’s doorstep as he now melodramatically claims.

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