Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Here are all the NE state senators who backed the GOP's latest voter suppression attempt to the bitter end

Tea Party tool, Sen. Tyson Larson, and his LB111 Voter ID bill were bracketed today in a 25-15 vote after a filibuster led by Sen. Morfeld, who has helped quash similar attempts in the past, even before he became a state senator.
     Now that LB111 is dead for 2015, one assumes Tyson Larson can get back to running interference for the institutional torture of farm animals.
     Those who say Voter ID is a solution in search of a problem in Nebraska don't understand how the minds of senators supporting such legislation work. To them the "problem" is poor people who vote Democratic and it does have a solution: rigging the election process to silence them. The would-be perps, members of the Nebraska GOP (surprise!) are below.

Top row:
David Bloomfield, District 17, 402-471-2716,
Lydia Brasch, District 16, 402-471-2728,
Joni Craighead, District 6, 402-471-2714,
Laura Ebke, District 32, 402-471-2711,
Curt Friesen, District 34, 402-471-2630,
Middle row:
Tommy Garrett, District 3, 402-471-2627,
Michael Groene, District 42, 402-471-2729,
Dan Hughes, District 44, 402-471-2805,
Bill Kintner, District 2, 402-471-2613,
Tyson Larson, District 40, 402-471-2801,
Bottom Row
John Murante, District 49, 402-471-2725,
Ken Schilz, District 47, 402-471-2616,
David Schnoor, District 15, 402-471-2625,
John Stinner Sr., District 48, 402-471-2802,
Matt Williams, District 36, 402-471-2642,

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