Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GOP threat to slash Homeland Security funding?
Well, at least the party's good for something

It was a GOP president — Bush The Problem Child — who created the vast Homeland Security popup Bureaucracy in the first place.
     The bloated agency with the Naziesque name showers military hardware and cellphone spying equipment on local cops like Monte Hall gave away prizes on Let's Make a Deal, makes terrorist suspects out of birdwatchers if they happen to be snapping pictures of mutant Yellow Breasted Sapsuckers anywhere near Three Mile Island, and now protects Der Fatherland from sledding tots on Capitol Hill.
     The GOP created Homeland Security and its insane budget and the GOP can take it away (or sensibly reduce said funding) for all we care.
     Just don't give the money to the NSA or the CIA, please.

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