Friday, February 6, 2015

Gay, comically inept dept. store Cupid gets a taste of his own medicine when he meets an old hookup

This is brilliant, funny, real and classy and again demonstrates why European advertising is still less likely than U.S. advertising to treat its targets like idiots. And we don't even speak Spanish, which is why we ripped off the translation by Brian in Valdosta, GA, a commenter on JoeMyGod, where we first saw this.

Cupid - Hi, afternoon. Do you want a little Nuevo Amor (New Love)?
Cupid - Hi, how are you? Do you want to try Nuevo Amor?
Cupid - Hi. A little Nuevo Amor?
Customer - No, thank you.
Cupid - Nuevo Amor?
(Cupid, growing discouraged)
(A man walks up behind him)
Cupid - Hi.
Man - Hi. Jesús?
Cupid - Hi, Marco. (They kiss each other on the cheek.)
Man (smiling) - What ... what are you doing?
Cupid - Nothing. Just here shooting arrows. Do you want a little Nuevo Amor? (He spritzes him in the face)
Man - What's up with that?
Cupid - Just a little job. For St. Valentine's. The whole acting thing was going a little nowhere. It's been forever since I saw you around.
Man - The thing is, I've been busy with my project and I don't have any free time, not even to go out.
Cupid - What project?
Man - For my degree. Architecture.
Cupid - And what is it?
Man - Well, I'm designing a building.
Cupid - Wow, so cool.
Man - Man. "So cool?" "So cool?" (making fun of him) Listen, you and I never exchanged numbers, did we?
Cupid - No ... and ... and ... (fumbling). No.
Man - Hold on. (Producing a pen). What I don't have is paper. Just a sec. (Writing on Cupid's arm.) So now you can call me or write me. Whatever you want.
Cupid - Okay.
Man - Look, I'm curious about something. And I want to see if you can resolve this for me.
Cupid - Oh, what about?
Man - What happens if Cupid likes someone?
Cupid - No ... no ... (fumbling) Cupid can't fall in love.
Man - Why not?
Cupid - Why? Because ... because ... because it would create a love paradox with terrible consequences all 'round. So ...
Man - Ok. Well (he mumbles something that I didn't catch) I gotta get going (I'll leave you). I hope all your arrows his their mark today.
Cupid - I'll try.
Man - Shoot one at me.
Cupid - What?
Man - The arrow. (Cupid shoots an arrow at him) (Marco picks up the arrow and has it hit him in the heart.)
(He pantomimes "call me".)

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