Thursday, February 26, 2015

A new beehive so revolutionary it was crowdfunded in FIVE minutes

Australian father and son, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, have invented a new hive for Beekeepers that allows them to simply open a tap to collect honey, a significant improvement over traditional methods:
"Harvesting your honey used to be a real labor of love. You had to protect yourself from stings, fire up a smoker to sedate the bees, crack the hive open, lift heavy boxes, pull out the frames — trying not to squash bees — brush them off or use a leaf blower, transfer the frames to processing shed, hack the wax capping off, filter the honey and clean up all the mess. Then the frames have to go back to the hive again. Now you don't need to do any of that."
     Well, at least not every time.
     The Anderson's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, started earlier this week, reached its $70,000 goal in FIVE MINUTES and is now over $3,000,000. Here's a more detailed explanation of their invention.

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