Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Superman's hero is a sniper?

Seth Rogen critized American Sniper in a tweet, which got him on the wrong side of Dean Cain, who played Superman on television some years after the George Reeves first portrayed the man of steel on TV, and then shot himself (or was murdered.)
     We're not fans of the right-wing Cain and were about to describe him as the cad who bragged about being the first to bag Brooke Shields at Princeton, but then we found out it was Shields who first wrote about their affair and described Cain as a nice guy, so now we can't diss him on that score.
     Below is an excerpt from Laura Miller's piece in Salon about sniper Chris Kyle. Miller is somewhat less impressed with Kyle's character than easier-to-impress Cain, who once went shooting with Kyle and seemed totally enthralled by the experience, which was televised.
     In “American Sniper,” Kyle describes killing as “fun” and something he “loved” to do. This pleasure was no doubt facilitated by his utter conviction that every person he shot was a “bad guy.” Fallujah and Ramadi, where he saw the most action, were certainly crawling with insurgents and foreign Islamist militants, and Kyle swears that every man he picked off with his sniper rifle was manifestly up to no good. But his bloodthirstiness and general indifference to the Iraqis and their country don’t suggest that he was highly motivated to make sure.

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