Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Frigo's $78 million underwear endorser, 50 cent, isn't moving the merchandise

Says The Daily Beast:
     To find out if America really is ready to shell out a Franklin for some premium package packages, especially during this most intense of consumption seasons, I called a couple of the vendors listed on the RevolutionWear site.
     “I sold a couple a pairs,” admitted a gentleman reached in a Boston Neiman Marcus menswear department, who asked not to be named, when I inquired about how sales of the expensive style were doing. “I think they’re a little bit much!”
     Another preferred-to-be-nameless salesman, this time from Lord & Taylor’s 5th Avenue location in New York, wasn’t sure what the hype was about.
     “You know the funny thing was, the (RevolutionWear) rep actually said he preferred the other version over the high end version,” he laughed, adding, “They’re like Spanxx, or your basic compression short. That type of thing.”
     When asked if he thought we were ready for an influx of high-end holsters for our manhood, he chuckled again, replying:
     “I tell ya, I’ve been pushing ‘em a little bit, and they’re not really [selling]… No. I would say no.”
     This was a sentiment echoed by his Bostonian counterpart, who admitted: “According to what we’re selling, no!”

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